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I’ve washed our 3 times already.... your supposed to wash them every 3 months!!!

I missed a time in there somewhere, oops . I think after washing them there is a break in period.... just like when you get them new!!!! We love ours and have NO PROBLEMS after washing them.

They are so easy to wash also.

We my husband and me, will never keep looking for the magic pillow anymore because we found it with MY PILLOW!!!! We live them

Review about: Mypillow Pillow.

Reason of review: Высокое качество товара или услуги..

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Yes, our pillows turned a pale yellow. We first noticed discoloration of the pillow cases and have been trying to figure out why, since never had the problem before getting MyPillows.

Hairwashing, etc. did not help. Then, tonight. I noticed the pillows were turning yellow, and it showed through the pillowcase.

What is the deal here? Anyone else have this issue?


Our family’s “My Pillow” pillows turned yellow within one month. So did my son’s family’s “MyPillow” pillows!

Any one else have this problem?


We live you too


MyPillow seems to be a lot stiffer since I washed it..I thot about removing some of the fill. I really liked it prior to washing it. Anybody else experienced this?

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